By Arthur C. Clarke

ISBN-10: 0451457994

ISBN-13: 9780451457998

2001: an area Odyssey is the vintage technological know-how fiction novel that modified the way in which we checked out the celebs and ourselves....

2001: an area Odyssey encouraged what's possibly the best technological know-how fiction movie ever made- brilliantly imagined by way of the past due Stanley Kubrick....

2001 is eventually here....

"Dazzling...wrenching, eerie, a mind-bender."-Time

"Full of poetry, medical mind's eye and usually wry Clarke wit. through status the universe on its head, he makes us see the normal universe in a unique light...a complicated allegory concerning the heritage of the world."-The New Yorker

"Brain-boggling." -Life

"Clark has built an efficient paintings of fiction...with the meticulous production of an extraterrestrial environment...Mr. Clark is a master."--Library Journal

"Breathtaking."-Saturday Review

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As the seconds before impact ticked away, Poole and Bowman waited with mounting tension. The experiment, simple though it was in principle, taxed the accuracy of their equipment to the limits. They were aiming at a hundred-foot-diameter target, from a distance of thousands of miles. Against the darkened portion of the asteroid there was a sudden, dazzling explosion of light. The tiny slug had impacted at meteoric speed; in a fraction of a second all its energy had been transformed into heat. A puff of incandescent gas had erupted briefly into space; aboard Discovery, the cameras were recording the rapidly fading spectral lines.

In any given case, the precise details would never be known, and even if they were, they would be millions of times too complex for human understanding. Whatever way it worked, the final result was a machine intelligence that could reproduce – some philosophers still preferred to use the word "mimic" – most of the activities of the human brain – and with far greater speed and reliability. It was extremely expensive, and only a few units of the HAL9000 series had yet been built; but the old jest that it would always be easier to make organic brains by unskilled labor was beginning to sound a little hollow.

Then, if he felt like it, he would spend a couple of hours either reading or looking at a movie; and at midnight he would go to sleep – usually without any help from electronarcosis. Poole's program was a mirror image of his own, and the two schedules dovetailed together without friction. Both men were fully occupied, they were too intelligent and well-adjusted to quarrel, and the voyage had settled down to a comfortable, utterly uneventful routine, the passage of time marked only by the changing numbers on the digital clocks.

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