By Ludo Rocher; Jan Gonda (Editor)

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Not CE). 4 Thus MACDONELL 1900: 290 = 21962: 251; PARGITER 1922: 22; RAMACHANDRA DIK- SHITAR 1932: 761. 5 HAZRA 1940: 3. Cf. W. HOPKINS: Quantitative Variations in the Calcutta and Bombay Texts of the Mahabharata, PrAOS Oct. 31, 1888, JAOS 14, 1890, iv-vi. 6 CE Appendix I, No. 6. 7 HAZRA 1940: 4; cf. HAZRA 1962: 246. 131; cf. 21-24. 32 L. Rocher • The Puranas 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. Skanda. Vamana. Kurma. e. the fish. e. the bird on which Vishnu rides. Brahmanda. "9 This list is different from all other lists preserved elsewhere, and contains a number of titles which are normally classed among the upapuranas.

232; Srimula on Kautilya (TSS 79, p. 35). 39) probably result from misprints. xvii. 14 WILSON 1840 = 1961: xxiv: sdram dkrsya sarvatah. 15 caturtham vdyund proktam vdyaviyam iti smrtam I sivabhaktisamdyogdc chaivam tac cdpardkhyayd. Cf. the same verse in the Revamahatmya, claiming to belong to the Vayu° (AUFRECHT 1864: 65). 16 BI work 162, 1904-07, pp. 12-13. "). D. s. 2, 1941, 148-155, and PUSALKER 1955: 31-41, 21963: 68-77; KANE 1962: 830; etc. 43 sqq. " Notice that the Siva° was the very first purana selected for translation in Ancient Indian Tradition and Mythology.

36 Asiatic Journal 1837, p. 244. 37 SBE 2 (1879), pp. xxvii-xxix, n. 4. 38 Cf. B. KEITH'S review of FARQUHAR 1920, The International Review of Missions 9, 1920, 607-610 at 609. Also PAYNE 1933: 18; Swami TAPASYANANDA: The Puranas, a Bird'sEye View of their History, Features and Contents, Ved. Kes. 60, 1973-74, 377-379 at 378; etc. 2 Puranam Pancalaksanam 25 ment too, goes back to Wilson - with a reference to Colebrooke - ;l he describes the pancalaksana, and adds: "Such, at any rate, were the constituent and characteristic portions of a Purana in the days of Amara Simha, fifty-six years before the Christian era; and if the Puranas had undergone no change since his time, such we should expect to find them still.

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A History of Indian Literature, Volume VII: Buddhist and Jaina Literature, Fasc. 3: The Purāṇas by Ludo Rocher; Jan Gonda (Editor)

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