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Erstellen Sie mit Hilfe dieses Buches ein Projekt, das alle Anforderungen modernster OOP-Programmierung beinhaltet. Lernen Sie das perfekte Zusammenspiel von XML/XSL(T)/PHP und JavaScript, sowie den JavaScript Framework Prototyp kennen. Staunen Sie über den schnelleren Datentransport beim Aufbau Ihres Projektes dank logisch richtiger Reihenfolge bei der Programmierung.

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Der Autor erklärt die Programmierung von neuen oder zusätzlichen APIs (Java-Bibliotheken) der Java 2 Plattform anhand zahlreicher Beispiele. Das Buch beinhaltet die Grafikprogrammierung mit den Java origin sessions und Java 2D/3D, Netzwerkprogrammierung mit RMI (Remote approach Invocation) und CORBA (JavaIDL) sowie die Programmierung von (Enterprise) JavaBeans und der Datenbank API JDBC.

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These are three distinct concepts. Problems: As your intuition would suggest, a problem is a task to be performed. It is best thought of in terms of inputs and matching outputs. A problem definition should not include any constraints on how the problem is to be solved. The solution method should be developed only after the problem is precisely defined and thoroughly understood. However, a problem definition should include constraints on the resources that may be consumed by any acceptable solution.

4. loga n = logb n/ logb a. 4 Property (3) is simply an extension of property (1). Property (4) tells us that, for variable n and any two integer constants a and b, loga n and logb n differ by the constant factor logb a, regardless of the value of n. Most runtime analyses in this book are of a type that ignores constant factors in costs. Property (4) says that such analyses need not be concerned with the base of the logarithm, because this can change the total cost only by a constant factor. Note that 2log n = n.

These identical nodes can be implemented using the Flyweight design pattern for better memory efficiency. 2 Visitor Given a tree of objects to describe a page layout, we might wish to perform some activity on every node in the tree. 2 discusses tree traversal, which is the process of visiting every node in the tree in a defined order. A simple example for our text composition application might be to count the number of nodes in the tree that represents the page. At another time, we might wish to print a listing of all the nodes for debugging purposes.

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A Practical Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis Third Edition (Java Version) by Clifford A. Shaffer

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