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2001) Humidity Control Design Guide. Atlanta, GA: ASHRAE. 7 Relay Logic and Ladder Diagrams The Next Step Study Objectives of Chapter 2 This chapter introduces simple electrical circuits and common devices used to provide and control electrical power in HVAC systems. It is not intended to be a comprehensive course in electrical engineering, nor does it address electronics. ) This chapter is included because virtually all HVAC control systems will have relays, transformers, starters, and other electrical devices as a part of them.

The bug in this design is that when the night low limit thermostat closes, the contacts of the other thermostats in the space will also be closed because their set points are even higher. This will allow the voltage to feed back through the space thermostats so that if the space served by fan-coil 2 was below 70 F, fan-coil 2 would also start. This was not our intention. To avoid this problem, another relay could be added, as shown in Figure 2-33. As this example demonstrates, care must be taken to avoid feedback when there are multiple, parallel paths to switch a device.

Sometimes an HVAC fan must serve double duty as part of the life safety system. For instance, in case of fire, a supply and return fan system may be used to exhaust smoke from one area of a building while pressurizing other areas to prevent smoke migration. The fan will generally be controlled by a fireman’s control panel that is part of the life safety system, but a lot of times it is controlled from the fireman’s panel as well as from the HVAC control system. For smoke control, most codes allow for the design engineer to design an “engineered smoke control” system that will allow for fans to operate during a fire condition.

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A ''sup+ c inf'' inequality for the equation -delta u = [ V(x2a)]eu by Bartolucci D.

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