By Julie Bonapace

ISBN-10: 2761939557

ISBN-13: 9782761939553

Los angeles MÉTHODE BONAPACE est une process de préparation à los angeles naissance qui s'adresse au couple. Validée par le témoignage de milliers de femmes et de leur partenaire ainsi que par de solides recherches scientifiques, elle repose sur le rôle que jouent l. a. neurophysiologie et les hormones lors de l'enfantement. Cette édition entièrement revue suggest de nombreuses postures de yoga pour préparer le corps à l'arrivée du bébé, de même que différents massages pouvant soulager de près de 50% l. a. douleur causée par le travail. Abondamment illustrés et expliqués étape par étape, ces postures et ces massages réservent un rôle actif au partenaire. Accoucher de manière aisée, sûre et satisfaisante, c'est attainable avec l. a. méthode Bonapace!

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A question one might ask about some of the translation practices discussed in chapter 2, "The Historical Context," is whether they are the result of a historical shift in translation theory (after the 1800s, the concept of translation as something "faithful" displaced the concept of translation as adaptation),13 or whether the kinds and the number of liberties translators take with their texts may also have to do with gender. For instance, Louise Belloc, who translated Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin in 1853, produced a translation which was very close to the American text and contained very few added or deleted elements, while Emile de la Bédollière, in his translation of that same text in 1852, produced a "freer" adaptation.

2 Indeed, changes were necessary in order to achieve the chief goals of pleasing and, concomitantly, not offending, a French audience. Adaptations, modifications, corrections, and additions for a variety of reasons were considered acceptable. When Voltaire translated the celebrated monologue from Hamlet in 1734 he added a denunciation of the hypocrisy < previous page page_26 next page > < previous page page_27 next page > Page 27 of the clergy ("nos prêtres menteurs") on moral and political grounds; and when Helen Maria Williams translated Bernardin de Saint Pierre's Paul et Virginie in 1789 she added eight sonnets, presumably to enhance the novel's lyrical and pastoral tone, and eliminated many philosophical dialogues, on the grounds that they would be uninteresting to English readers.

However, translating a text is more complex than just choosing a text, since it puts into play not only gender and race, but the issues of social class and nationality as well; and it is the very complexity of translation that the translators and critics of this volume foreground here. These issues directly confront the translator as woman who has to mediate between her desire to be visible in all it implies in terms of her own ideological investment, and between the necessarily different ideological positions of the text she translates.

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