Vande Mataram
Schools and College

A place for learning, discovery, innovation, expression and discourse.

Vande Mataram Balak Mandir

Balak Mandir is to provide basic pre schooling knowledge to students in there early childhood and it helps the students to develop and discover there new thought process, Extracurricular activities, good manners, bad manners, Learning abilities etc.

Vande Mataram Primary School

Primary Schooling is about introducing different-different subjects to students and discovering there extracurricular vision, Indoor & Outdoor Sports, Technical Knowledge, Science experiments, Our Societies Culture, Festival Celebrations. and it helps to shape there ideas to develop there path for future.

Vande Mataram Secondary School

After completing Primary Schooling, Here we help Students to balance all school subjects equally for competition purpose, finding there interest in different fields of education, arts, crats. Also providing comprehensive knowledge of every science, arts, commerce field possible.

Vande Mataram Junior College

Preparing students to make meaningful and significant contributions to society as engaged citizens and leaders in a complex world.

We believe in culture of learning by doing. Our students obtain knowledge by combination of analytical, observational, practical and therotical methods. Our staff works shoulder to shoulder with each other to acomplish dreams of our students and solve their fundamental questions. We use digital education which offers flexible learning to Students and Parents.

Today our organisation is successful in managing Five Schools, Two Junior Collges, Hostels, Police training centre, Competative exam cell and other many Social activities.